What is a Private Investigator?

What is

A private investigator is a freelance detective, or sometimes a full-time detective, that carries out covert investigations on behalf of private clients. This person is hired by individuals or groups to provide investigatory services; they work for people like attorneys and private clients in civil cases.

Private investigators use cameras and recording devices to assist them in the documentation of evidence. They may be gathering information for months or even years.

The job is very risky, so in most cases their real identities are not known so as to keep their families safe. In extreme cases, they may not even see or contact their families for months at a time.

Who do they work for?

A good portion of PIs work for insurance companies; they help these companies to investigate any suspicious claims.

Others are also hired to do jobs that include searching for evidence of adultery or fornication within the marriage in order for one party to establish grounds for divorce.

Interesting Fact: Getting evidence, watching and spying on a mate, is one of the most requested services from private investigators in the US.

Daily duties of a private investigator are (but not limited to):

  • Surveillance
  • Case Research
  • Background Checks
  • Gathering Facts

PIs also do jobs that include being actively involved in the process of serving summons, personally delivering court orders or court summonses, preparing and delivering subpoenas. PIs can also take on jobs that involve tracking debtors who may have absconded.

Where do they work from?

Some PIs work from offices while others are trained to work in the field.  Depending on circumstances, private investigators try to work alone, especially when they are working undercover.

A private investigator does not always have control of his or her work schedule. They may be required to work late into the night or even throughout the night.

There are many things a PI can do for their clients, but above all, they will always obey the law by not trespassing on private property, by not breaking into homes, and by following specific regulations when setting surveillance equipment.

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