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PS5’s VR 2.0: First Look At New Controllers

PS5’s VR 2.0: First Look At New Controllers

Sony has revealed more details on the new controllers, which bear a resemblance to Valve Index, complete with finger-tracking.

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Sony reveals the next PS5! It’s WEIRD!

PSVR 2 wireless edition worth it? PS5 Streaming stick coming!

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Wireless PSVR 2
PlayStation appears to be teasing a wireless version of the PlayStation VR2. PSVR2 is one of the biggest hardware launches coming in 2023 and it seems like it’s going to be a pretty big leap for the medium. When the first PSVR headset came out, it felt like Sony wasn’t fully committed. The headset was kind of bulky, it didn’t have great resolution, it reused controllers from the PS3, the camera to track the headset wasn’t very premium, so it felt like Sony was trying to test the waters without sinking costs. However, it proved successful enough for Sony to go all in on PSVR2 with high-resolution OLED screens, eye tracking, fancy new controllers that are pretty intuitive for VR, and much more. It’s the real deal and it will cost a lot, but it is held back by one thing: pesky wires.

Although Sony has apparently streamlined the wire situation with PSVR2, it’s still something that headsets like the Meta Quest 2 have been able to shake. Players can hook up a cable to the Quest 2, but it’s completely optional. However, it is mandatory for the PSVR2. That may not be the case forever, though. When speaking with Famitsu (via Mixed News), Sony’s SVP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino stated that the company was looking into a wireless option, but hasn’t committed to one due to concerns of lower performance.

“We also understand that going wireless will give you another experience, so we’re always looking at all possibilities and doing technical research,” Nishino said. “However, there is still the issue of how far the cable solution can be replaced with a wireless one in terms of performance.”

Given a wireless model means having to make a headset with a reasonable battery life, find a way to manage performance (whether it be through streaming or some other method), it’s understandable why Sony didn’t want to start with a wireless model for PSVR2. Given the company wants to show that it can really create a powerful headset that can compete with the other headsets, a wired solution makes sense. Only time will tell if or what a wireless model will look like, though.

PS5 Streaming Stick:
It’s clear that cloud gaming is here to stay. Microsoft made a big push with it by offering it as a Game Pass Ultimate add-on, providing many of the service’s newest additions in instant-access streaming form. You can play directly on Xbox, of course, but Microsoft has since brought the service to major mobile devices and web browsers too.
Sony isn’t new to the streaming game either, with the company having used the cloud for its own PlayStation Now service, which was similarly rolled into the premium PlayStation Plus tier. With it, gamers can play classic titles from almost any PlayStation era, from the PS1 all the way up to some of the latest PlayStation 5 games, all without having to download them. While the service still requires a PlayStation console, a newly revealed patent suggests Sony could be looking to offer a mainstream device that will offer streaming functionality in a form factor that’s portable and much more affordable.

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Playstation VR2 full announcement (with VR2 Sense controllers)

During CES 2022, Sony gave a first look at its next-generation VR system, the VR2, along with new VR2 Sense controllers.

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