70 Influential Female Private Investigators on Twitter

Influential female private investigators on Twitter

Private investigation is a tough business. When you are not trying to find work-life balance, you are dealing with the fact that for most clients “you are only as good as your last investigation.”

Yes, that’s an oversimplification of a rather challenging profession.

It is no secret that in the US, the private investigation industry is primarily driven by males. As such, the picture that comes to mind is that of a retired police officer, or perhaps an army vet.

However, it is estimated that about 15% of all private investigators in the US, are in fact female, and this figure is growing. [1]

Today we recognize the most influential female private investigators on Twitter. These are the females who show that "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage" (Anais Nin)

If you are interested in the field of private investigation, these are the #FemalePI to follow.

The list below is sorted by follower count based on FollowerWonk data, as well as recent activity on twitter. ​

Congratulations to all list-makers!

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Influential Female Private Investigators on Twitter:

Catherine Townsend - @lovedetective_

Writer / Licensed Private Investigator. Crimes of passion are my passion!

Alice de Sturler - @vidocq_CC

​Cold Case Blogger, indie crime fiction author http://tinyurl.com/ptr883m , and fan of creative writing http://yourblogcoach.com/

Colleen Collins - @writingpis

Lawyer http://www.shaunkaufmanlaw.com ; PI-writer http://www.colleencollinsbooks.com . Copyright b/w private eye image Colleen Collins, may not be copied w/o written permission

Valerie McGilvrey - @Skipease

I will be at the http://NCAPI.com November 5-6, 2015 event must be a registered member to attend! Author of Skip Trace Secrets and Background Check.​

Laura-Lee Walker - @LauraLeeWalker

Private Investigator at Kusic and Kusic Private Investigators | Specializing in Online Intelligence Gathering

Sheila Wysocki - @scrappymomPI

Mom, Private Investigator, Voice for the Voiceless, Speaker, Advocate, Non-Profit. Best Selling Author, http://sheilawysocki.com

Helen Walsh - @RealHelenWalsh

Top-notch private investigator! Star of The Mystery of Mercy Close, inventor of The Shovel List.Dislikes: dogs, avocados, eejits, drizzle and many other things.

Susan Banister - @susanbanister

Private investigator, school governor, Rockfig co-founder, edtech, digital media, STEM Ambassador, gadgets, mum, wife, faith, sport, cloud lover, dogs.

Tamara Thompson - @PIbuzz

Tamara Thompson San Francisco Bay Area private investigator checking out people from the Internet to the streets. http://tamarathompsoninvestigations.com

Yin Johnson - @jjassociatesYin

International PI. Provides Company & Individual Info Profiles Credit Reports worldwide & much more. A Foodie, loves Travel Spas Wine Films Biking Fitness

Detective Denise - @DetectiveDenise

Private detective specialising in loss prevention, fraud investigations and tracing work. 4Networking Area Leader who loves to meet people.

Deborah Rose - @DallasTxPI

Private Investigations Private Process Legal Support

Robin Martinelli - @gaprivateeye

Private Investigation & Process Serving Agency. We Handle ALL Criminal & Civil Cases. 24/7 @ (770) 337-3999 and [email protected]

Bobbi Bacha PI - @PIBlueMoonLady

Private Investigator featured in several books, a movie and the most written about PI in America. 800 488-2336 or 281 332-1622

VIrginia Braden

Virginia Braden - @BradenVirginia

Licensed Private Investigator & Behavioral Profiler specializing in violent crimes & cold cases. Proudly serving as Outreach & Missions Director

Kelly Paxton - @pdxcfe

aka the Pink Collar Crime Expert. CFE, working & writing about embezzlement, forensic accounting, investigations. See me at http://www.pinkcollarcrime.com/

Jan Richards - @dustydexterpi

A private investigator who doesn't know the rules and doesn't care. First published in regional Australian newspapers. Now an ebook at Amazon and Smashwords.

Gina Negus - @femaledetects

Female led private investigators that use imaginative & creative approach tailored to the needs of the client. Surveillance computer & handwriting forensics etc

Marri Bernier, PI - @mbazpi

MB Associates Investigations/Attny Svcs, LLC. Arizona licensed private investigators/process servers. Knowledge is power: what you don't know, CAN hurt you.

Amy Ward - @CatsEyeTX

Serving Central Texas and the Hill Country. Quality Private Investigation Service and Process Service.

Kelly Jansen - @DE_PI

Private Investigator, Process Server, Pre-Screener, exC/O, Politically Independent, Homeschooling, thinking mother just trying to balance work & life

Michele Harris - @harrisinv2

Licensed Bonded and Insured Private Investigator and Process Server in PA, NJ, MD and DE

Female Agents Inc - @FemaleAgents

Private Investigations and Process Serving. Member of NAPPS, NCAPI, NCAPPS, SCALI, SERVE NOW, FAPPS; PRESIDENT of NCAPPS

April Silvaggio - @AprilSilvaggio

Award-winning writer and licensed private investigator and process server; co-owner of Silvaggio Investigations, LLC, in Greenville SC.

Allisson Parkling - @Ally_the_PI

I'm a Private Investigator in Nevada.

Vicki Siedow - @VickiSiedow

#Private Investigator, TV producer/star, founder of FLIP (Female Legal and Investigative Professionals) http://FLIPmysteries.tv http://MamaBearPI.com

Amy Lynn Burch - @Amy_Burch

Private Investigator. Victim advocate. Criminal behavior analyst. All around bad-ass. Unafraid to speak the truth. Don't try to run... you'll just die tired!

Adrienne Kallweit - @TulsaMompreneur

Licensed Private Investigator and entrepreneur mom of three. Started national babysitting franchise SeekingSitters in 2004 with franchises across the US.

Connie M Bonnette - @ConnieBonnette

Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Texas

Genny Jordan - @CapitalG73

Im a private investigator....seriously. I adore a good workers comp. case. Love my friends, family and reading.

Sandra Hope - @sandrahopepi

I have earned the reputation of being the expert female private investigator in the world of infidelity. Watch my reality TV show: Sex Decoy; Love Stings.

Linda Klasa - @SouthFloridaPi

South Florida Private Investigators Inc - Linda Chantry Agency Manager serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, and all of South Florida.

Baker Street Agency - @BakerStreetPI

Western Canada's foremost female private investigator. Surveillance, investigation, training, risk management, consumer advocacy,Bakerstreetpi Blog

Betsy Seeton - @livehonestly

Photographer/private investigator/ author/artist/animal lover/activist. Part year, I live off-grid in a cabin I'm building alone. Gypsy-ish. Cancer survivor.

She Spies PI- @SheSpiesPI

Consider She Spies Private Eye, Inc., private investigator in Austin and Dallas TX, your partner in pursuit of the truth.

NYFemalePI - @NYFemalePI

We are a woman owned, full service, Private Investigation agency specializing in matrimonial investigations and background checks. (631) 875-8574

Michelle Pyan - @michelle_lpi

Licensed Private Investigator

Summer Markle - @summx2

Private Investigator and Body Builder.Secretly a Bond Girl.

Virginia Hennessey - @virghennessey

Private investigator in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, California. [email protected]

Sly Fox P.I. - @TheSlyFoxPI

Female owned and operated Private Investigation agency. Infidelity, Child Custody, Insurance Fraud. http://Www.slyfoxinvestigations.com

Tricia Flowers - @Triciaflowers


Marti Miller - @JuryTrials

Jury Consultant, Body Language Expert, #WestMemphisThree Expert, Public Speaker, Expert Witness, Private Investigator, Instructor (901) 601-0522

Amy Lockhart - @EC_Confidential

Woman owned/operated private investigation firm. Family Law is our specialty! Firearms and Self Defense training available!

Ana Campos - @Ana_M_Campos

Licensed Private Investigator

Gina Frenzel - @BatgirlTexas

Private Investigator

Tami Conn - @tamidconn

Private Investigator

Tammy Hardy - @detectivepiaz

Private investigator Phoenix, AZ, passion for life and helping people, try to live one day at a time, One of the ways I start my day is with Emmet Fox.

Martha Modeen - @MarthaModeen

I am a #licensed #private #investigator in #Seattle, Wash. I now work for #Kosnoff #Fasy trial #lawyers, investigating #sex-abuse #cases.

Melissa Straub - @cybercrimePI

Private investigation firm in NJ specializing in socialmedia, bullying, cybercrime & sexting consulting. Presentations for schools and communities .

Jodi Livingstone - @Jodiprivateeye

I'm a licensed Private Investigator in Ontario Canada. I love to travel and enjoy being with family and friends.

Cassie Neutze - @ccn36

Private Investigator with The GLF Agency

Jennifer Maghinay - @jenpi2

Licensed Private Investigator with over 33 years experience in the field.

The Blonde P.I. - @TheBlondePI

Licensed Private Investigator in California. I write about my adventures on my blog. Check it out: theblondepi.com

Melissa Low - @LadyMeloNYG

Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Sister, Friend, Die Hard New York Giants Fan, Licensed Private Investigator and Director of the Texas Chapter of Project Angel Eyes.

Diane Stubbs - @DLSinfo

Information Professional, licensed private investigator, Certified Confidential Intermediary, & terminally inquisitive

Rebecca Fischer - @RFischerPI

Licensed Private Investigator... Trying to reach Olivia Pope status

Carol Knight - @carol_knight

Oklahoma Licensed Bondsman and Private Investigator

Denise Savastano - @LPsolutionspi

California Private Investigator for over thirty years. License #25974. Service Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

Royetta Sieminski - @ROYETTA

Licensed Private Investigator Gun lover

Patricia McCoyEchols - @pmccoyechols

Licensed GA Private Investigator

Cutting Edge Backgroun - @CEBackground

Licensed private investigator, 19 years of experience in pre-employment background checks

Julie Jackson - @JacksonPIServic

Jackson PI Services, Inc. is a licensed Private Investigation firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cheryl Ring - @diaryofapi

Licensed Private Investigator, blogger, reader

Janice Desmond - Goldrick

Janice Desmond - @gumshoe899

Goldrick & Desmond Investigations is a Private Investigation agency offering confidential services to Attorneys, Corporations, individuals

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*Sorted by follower count & activity on Twitter.

[1] http://www.pimagazine.com/FAQ/private_investigator_statistics.htm

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